Many residents of our community with limited financial means have been unable to access affordable and experienced guidance and legal representation to help resolve a wide variety of housing, employment, public assistance, access to health care, family, education and immigration issues. These problems have included such diverse situations as the failure of employers to pay wages earned, unfair eviction proceedings, failure of landlords to provide basic services and immigration issues such as applications for citizenship and related family law matters.

In many instances local residents do not need a lawyer to assist them with these problems. Instead, they need guidance defining the scope of resources that would be helpful and assistance navigating through our administrative and legal systems to obtain those resources. When their problems do require the assistance of a lawyer, they need help finding affordable and experienced representation. East End For Opportunity Inc. (“EEFO”) has been formed to help all local residents obtain the help they need in obtaining access to these resources and enable them to more productively participate in the opportunities available in our East End communities.